What Is a Physical Survey?

If you are obtaining a new loan, a new physical survey of the property you are purchasing may or may not be required, but ordering one is strongly

recommended by the majority of real estate professionals unless the property being purchased is a condominium. Without a survey, survey

coverage will not be provided on your owners’ title insurance policy. In addition, your lender may object to title policy survey “exceptions”, and may

require a survey. The survey takes approximately three to five business days once ordered; however, the period can be longer, depending on the

circumstances such as inclement weather, size of lot or land being purchased, and volume of business by the surveyor. Our office will order the survey

upon receipt of the signed authorization form from you. The cost is approximately $275.00 for a standard survey and this will be charged to you at the

time of closing.  Please understand that once the survey is ordered, you will be ultimately responsible for payment.