Is My Closing Agent Licensed and Certified?

Yes, American Home Title Closing Agents are all Licensed Title Insurance Underwriters as well as Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agents (VCTSA)

Virginia Certified Title Settlement Agent

"Certification elevates and sets you apart from your competition; certification empowers you to stay on top of changes in the industry; certification enhances

your ability to market your services; certification identifies you as a title industry professional; certification commands the respect that has been

missing for title examiners and title settlement agents, and certification demonstrates you are invested in your professional development.  Certification

will meet the recommendations set by title insurance underwriters."

-Karen Koogler

Licensed Title Insurance Underwriter

Title Insurance Underwriters work on the process of validating property ownership and liens in a real estate transaction.  This is a specialized type

of insurance that protects the policyholder against loss from something that has already happened, such as a forged deed somewhere in the ownership